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Frequently Asked Questions

As well as reading our FAQ, there is also a lot of information on our tours on the appropriate tour pages. Please also read our terms and conditions before you book.

General Questions and Code of Conduct

What do I need to wear?

It is recommended you wear closed shoes on our tours, as you never know where in the brewery we might want to take you! Thongs and sandles are fine for a lot of tours, you may just not be allowed on the brewery floor - it is up to you!

Besides that, wear whatever you think is comfortable.

Will the tour run in any weather?

Yes - we actally love a gloomy winters day, what better opportunity to sit inside and drink awesome booze and eat comfort food!

Are there other drinks besides beer?

Have a look at each tour for the types of places we visit to see what is on offer – also give us a call if you are still unsure. The simple answer is we cater for all types of people and we have had many people who “don’t drink/like beer” on our tours who have had a great day (wine, cider or spirits are available at most stops). We do however recommend that you try all the beers (with an open mind), you may well be surprised!

What happens if I get drunk?

Hopefully you will become fun, friendly and a joy to be around. There is also a chance you will become a great dancer and more attractive! Each venue does have the right, as per Responsible Service of Alcohol laws, to stop serving you. You can also be asked to leave a venue.

We here at Aussie Brewery Tours also reserve the right to ask you to stop drinking, or to take whatever action we deem reasonable to ensure the tour is safe and enjoyable for all its participants. In short though, we have NEVER had a problem with drunken fools on our tour because our customers are awesome. Be awesome!

Can I bring drinks on the bus?

By law, no.

Now trust us when we say (and we have a lot of experience here) that you just don’t need drinks on the way to the first stop, or in between breweries. We are going to take you to visit 3-4-5 breweries and cideries on a 4-5 hour tour. We have never heard anyone say, “Wow, there really wasn’t enough for me to drink today” after one of our tours. You’ll be well hydrated, we promise!

Can I buy takeaway drinks to take home with me?


Payments, Cancellations and Bookings

How can I book and pay?

You can book online (easiest way), via your local booking agent (we have many around town and internationally), or by calling us (honestly, online is much easier). You can use a MasterCard, VISA or American Express to make your booking.

Can I just pay on the day?

No, unless under special arrangement with us. We ask that everyone book in a tour and date to lock in your spot and ensure you don’t miss out.

What if I need to change the date or cancel my tour?

We reserve the right to enforce the following cancellation or rebooking (date change) policy for public tours:

  • Between 0 (day of event) & 7 days no refund.
  • Between 8 & 15 days - 50% of event price per person.
  • Greater than 16 days - 15% admin fee.

Do you require minimum numbers to run?

Yes. We reserve the right to cancel a tour if we do not meet the minimum number of eight participants. This doesn’t mean we will always cancel the tour however and they have been known to go ahead with 2-3-4 people.

What if Aussie Brewery Tours cancel a tour?

If we cancel a tour we will offer you either:

  • A full refund including any booking and credit card fees. This doesnt apply to gift card purchases (see below).
  • A new date that suits you.
  • If you booked with a gift card, we will reissue your card so you can book in another date.

Pick-up and Drop-off Locations

Where are your pick-up locations?

It is best to look at the individual tour, as they have different pick-up locations and times. The central most common pick-up is:

  • Federation Square – The Russell Street Extension (go to the corner of Russell and Flinders streets, then follow the signs to the “day tours” pick-up area behind Federation Square).

You can see our pick-up locations on Google Maps and we also will do hotel pick-ups.

Can you pick me up from my hotel?

Yes. We do hotel pick-ups in Melbourne CBD, St Kilda and surrounding inner city suburbs. Please call or email us prior to booking, if your hotel is outside a Melbourne Central location.

Do you do pick-ups on the way to the Yarra Valley?

We can pick you up at Lilydale station.

We do however recommend that you join us and depart with the rest of the group from the city. On the way to the Yarra Valley we give you a lot of information about the breweries and all of the cool things to do and try during the day. We will also set the mood with some fun beer stories. As well as this you get to meet and connect with the rest of the group. (You are paying for our expertise and knowledge, why short change yourself?)

I am staying in the Yarra Valley; can I be picked up there?

The short answer is yes. Please be aware though that the Yarra Valley is HUGE. In fact it is further from one side to the other than it is from Melbourne city. Because of this we can only do pick-ups and drop-offs in a certain radius near the venues we visit.

Please contact us before you book to arrange for Yarra Valley pick-ups.

Gift Cards

What products can I use your gift cards on? (or; What products can’t I use your gift cards on?)

You can use gift cards to purchase any tours or events run by Aussie Brewery Tours. The gift cards page on this website will list the current tours available. The gift cards cannot be used on tours on sold by us from any of our affiliate partners, e.g. Melbourne by Foot or Epicurean Tours.

What happens to any left over money?

Left over money from the gift cards can be used on future bookings. It is not refunded or redeemable for cash.

Can I exchange my gift card for cash?

No. Gift cards cannot be returned or exchanged for cash.

I was given this gift card as a gift but I don’t want it. What can I do?

You can pass your gift card on to someone else who will love our tours.

Private Tours

How many people do I need for a private tour?

We have run tours for between 2-100 people. Our usual numbers are from 12-22 and the pricing on our website is reflective of these group sizes. If you want a private tour for 2 or a large group tour of 40+ we can organise this for you.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

We take a 30% deposit, per person, for private tours.

What if I need to cancel my private tour?

The following cancellation policy applies to private tours:

  • Between 0-21 days before the event, the deposit is non-refundable.
  • 22+ days it will be refunded in full  minus credit card fees, and/or deposits or fees paid to third parties that cannot be recovered.

When is the balance due?

The balance for private tours is due a week out from the tour.

Where will you pick us up from?

We can pick you up from one of our existing pick-up locations, e.g. Federation Square. Or we can come and pick you up from your home, work, a breakfast place, etc.

There are people on the tour that don’t drink beer, will they be entertained?

Yes. Have a look at our different tour options. Tours like our Yarra Valley tour offer a great range of different products, venues, great food and can be enjoyed by everyone.

Bucks and Hens Parties

We want to dress up. Is this okay?

The answer is both ‘yes’ and ‘no’. You can dress up, as long as it is appropriate for public consumption, including kids – almost all the places we visit will have other patrons at them. You will also need to bring a change of clothes as each venue has the right to ask you to change. We recommend bringing costumes with you, and dressing up where appropriate.

Can we drink on the bus?

By law, no.

Now trust us when we say (and we have a lot of experience here) that you just don’t need drinks on the way to the first stop, or in between breweries. We are going to take you to visit 3-4-5 breweries and cideries on a 4-5 hour tour. We have never heard anyone say, “Wow, there really wasn’t enough for me to drink today” after one of our tours. You’ll be well hydrated, we promise!

How much alcohol is supplied?

We usually include the first 1 or two drinks at each stop, often consisting of a tasting paddle and perhaps a complimentary drink. It is best to have a look at the individual tours and each stop to see what is included.

Again though we can say that our tours are great value – which is why we have such high ratings – and you will be sufficiently hydrated by days end!

Can we buy extra drinks?

Of course, we encourage it. If you find something you like, let’s stop for a wee taste.