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Hens Parties

Hens Parties

Create Your Ultimate Hens Day Tour

Did you know that the term 'bridal' comes from the words bride-ale, where ale meant both the drink, as well as a festival or merry-meeting at which much ale was drunk. (Even the word bride has ancient beery connections - as the word originates from the ancient term "to brew" as woman have been the chief custodians of beer and booze throughout history).

Aussie Brewery Tours will have you visiting the best breweries, cideries, wineries and distilleries throughout Victoria ensuring that your bride, and her friends, have a merry-meeting at which much fun is had!

  • Group sizes: Our hen's party packages can cater for 2-100 people. 
  • Flexible times and pick-up/drop-off locations: Aussie Brewery Tours run tours 7 days a week. We generally start at a civilised 10am at a meeting place in Melbourne CBD and drop you off around 6pm. This isn't our tour though, so if you want a different meeting place or for us to tour around your schedule, just let us know and we will create an event that suits you.
  • All-Inclusive: Our all-inclusive tours visit 3-5 different stops. You can choose from wineries, cideries, distilleries and breweries, upgrade your lunch, add in activities and upgrade your transport. We will organise everything for you. Every tour includes lunch or dinner, generous tastings, guides, transport and complimentary drinks what you want to add from there is up to you.
  • We organise everything: We will organise your entire day so you don't have to. This exceptional service is what makes us one of Australia's top-ranked tour providers.
  • How to book and pay: Contact us to discuss your requirements. Once we have created your custom package a 30% deposit is required to lock it in (AMEX, Mastercard, Visa & direct deposit all accepted - 1.2% bank fees may apply), The balance is due 5 business days before your event.
  • Cost: Our base tour packages range from $125pp (shorter Urban night tour for 20 people) with $155-195 the usual sweet spot for most full-day tours. The price is dependent on the number of people, duration of the event, day of the week, what is included, season, distance travelled for pick-up/drop-off and any extra activities chosen. We also cater for people who don't drink or cannot participate in extra activities. Contact us now to discuss how we can make the best event for you.

Things to Note / Codes of Conduct...

  • Most of our venue partners do not allow bucks or hens parties unless they visit with Aussie Brewery Tours. We enjoy a few shenanigans as much the next person, after all, we take people cruising around drinking for a living. We have never had any issues on tour, however, on behalf of our brewery and venue partners, we ask that you behave in an appropriate and respectful manner throughout your event. Antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated!
  • Please note that if you want to dress up, either as a group or just the hen, please ensure you have a change of clothes as not all the venues will allow dressing up - please chat to us about this if it is a concern. We do not allow crude/offensive costumes or props - again it is just not appropriate in this day and age. 
  • We have a strict no-drinking policy on the bus, this is in accordance with state alcohol laws. We will, however, drive you from venue to venue and, no surprises here, none of the places we have visited has ever run out of things to drink! We have also never heard the words "I didn't get to drink enough today" after one of our tours.
  • All our venues adhere to Responsible Serving of Alcohol (RSA) laws. If you are asked to leave a venue for inappropriate behaviour, the tour is over. 
  • All products are subject to our terms and conditions. We recommend you read these before making a purchase. Our frequently asked questions section is also a wealth of information about pick-up locations, cancellation policies, etc.

Different Tour Regions

Aussie Brewery Tours have VIP access at all of the venues we visit. We believe in relaxed touring, where we move at the pace of the group, soaking up the atmosphere at each stop with a few extra drinks (click on the headings for some really basic information on some of the venues you may visit):

  • Yarra Valley: Only an hour from Melbourne, the Yarra Valley has a fantastic, diverse mix of venues and products for you to explore. No longer just a wine region it has multiple breweries, cideries, distilleries and top-class restaurants.
    • Highlights: Visit wineries, craft breweries, cideries and distilleries of the iconic and beautiful Yarra Valley.
    • Perfect for: Mixed groups who want to try a wide range of great products (craft beer, cider, gin, vodka, whisky, moonshine, champagne ciders, blueberry wines/ports and regular grape wines) in a fun and relaxing setting.
    • Time Required: Full day touring is best for the Yarra Valley.
    • Venues: Watts River Brewing; Napoleone Cider House & Detour Brewery; Coldstream Brewery; The Hotel Grand - Yarra Glen; Alchemy Distillery; Four Pillars Distillery; The Public Brewery; Punt Road Wines; Helen and Joey Winery; St Ronan's Cider @ Badger Creek Blueberry Winery; Oakridge Winery; Meletos; Riders Brewing Co and Kellybrothers Cider @ Kellybrook Winery. 
  • Urban Melbourne: When Aussie Brewery Tours first opened we struggled to get a really awesome urban tour up and running. Now we could do 3-4 different tours without visiting the same places - it's amazing! With cocktail bars specialising in specific spirits, awesome restaurants, craft breweries and inner-city wineries Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs are choc-full of amazing places to tour.
    • Highlights: Brewpubs, distillery tasting rooms, inner-city wineries and cocktail bars are popping up all over Urban Melbourne. Come and explore them with your own host to guide you along.
    • Best for: Groups who don't want, or don't have time, to head out of the city.
    • Time Required: Tours in Melbourne can be run in as little as 3.5 hours during the day or night.
    • Venues: Two Birds Brewing; The Crafty Squire; Burnley Brewery; Moon Dog Brewing; Stomping Ground Brewery; Colonial Brewery, Brogan's Way Distillery; The Mill; Hop Nation; Temple Brewery; Clifton Hill Brewpub; Noisy Ritual (winery); Craft & Co; Boilermaker House; Mountain Goat Beer.
  • Mornington Peninsula: We have an inside joke in tourism, "The Peninsula Secretly Doesn't Like You". This isn't because they aren't welcoming or have amazing hospitality, instead it is just because the peninsula likes to remain a bit hidden, a little secretive. It's a quiet place for those in-the-know to explore rather than a mass tourism destination. Aussie Brewery Tours is in the know and will help you explore!
    • Highlights: Get out of the city and visit the breweries, cideries, wineries and distilleries along the Mornington Peninsula. 
    • Best for: Groups looking to do a bit of sipping and tasting in the morning, followed by live music with a beer, wine or cider in the afternoon.
    • Time Required: Full day touring is best for the Mornington Peninsula and it is better to visit from Wednesday through to Sunday.
    • Venues: Red Hill Brewery; Bass and Flinders Distillery; JimmyRum; Jetty Road Brewery; St Andrews Beach Brewery; Mr Banks Brewing Co; Mornington Peninsula Brewery; Mock Red Hill Cider; Old Apple Shed; Green Olive (winery); Jones Road; Tucks Ridge; Hix Beer @ Hickenbotham Winery; Stonier Wines.

Other Regions and Venues: We have run awesome tours out to Geelong, the Surf Coast and Ballarat for different corporate and university groups. We are always adding new venues. If there is somewhere you would like to visit, please just ask.

Extra Activities

Aussie Brewery Tours has hand-picked the best activity providers across Victoria. We will organise your entire tour, including transport, guide, lunch, tasting sessions and extra activities. Most of these activities are completed before we begin drinking - even though we think clay target shooting would be a lot of fun after a few beers! There are others, like brewing beer or cocktail making classes, that are okay to drink at. The prices for extra activities can range significantly depending on the number of people, the package you choose, etc. Generally, prices are between $35pp-$250pp:

  • Go-Karting (from $80pp): Your own personal track time, with qualifying (10mins) + race 1 (10mins) + race 2 (15mins). Average distance raced - 36.75km.
  • Clay Target Shooting (from $95pp): 25 or 30 targets sessions available (30 target session includes a 10 target competition and trophy for the winner). Shoot at a variety of targets (singles and doubles) under full instruction - no gun licence required.
  • Paintball (from $50pp): 200 paintballs and all equipment included - guns, masks, overalls (gloves and box extra). A variety of outdoor fields and game scenarios. Up to 3 hours play.
  • Laser Strike (from $50pp): 4 x 15-minute outdoor games with a variety of different weapons (each with its own range, number of shots) and different game scenarios.
  • Bubble Soccer (from $50pp): Bubble soccer a ton of, a lot of laughs and a good way to get the competitive juices flowing before we continue on the tour. There is nothing like a little bit of running around to work up a thirst.
  • Cocktail Making Classes (from $75pp): We won't quiet take you down to Kokomo, but, we will let you channel your best Tom Cruise as you spin, mix and swirl your way through a number of different cocktails under the expert tutelage of a mixologist. Random cocktails, martini's for the next time James Bond cruises over or a theme of your choice. Where do you want your cocktail journey to take you?
  • Beer and/or Whisky Matched Lunches and Dinners: Upgrade your food stop to include a beer and/or whisky matched, 3-course meal, where each course is expertly matched to a drink.
  • Brew your own beer: Choose from 13+ styles of beer and brew under full instruction from a professional brewer. Each kettle makes between 4-5 slabs of beer for you to keep (one kettle is good for 1-4 people to brew). Brew day is roughly 3 hours. Return to the brewery 3 weeks later to bottle your beer, or pay for the brewery to bottle and deliver it to you. Create a custom label for your beer.
  • Make your own wine or gin: Have you ever longed to retire to a vineyard or live the exciting life of a bootlegger? Let us make your dreams come true you create your own wine or gin, bottled and ready to drink at your next party. (winemaking is seasonal)
  • Archery Attack (from $35pp): Paintball, meets dodgeball, meets robin hood. Whether it is taking out the boss, sneaking up on your best mate or storming over the top to confront the accounting team archery is a fun activity for both small and large groups.
  • Axe Throwing (from $55pp): Do we need to sell this one? Channel your inner Viking and challenge your friends or co-workers to some good old axe throwing fun!
  • Escape Rooms: This is a fantastic team building activity or some geeky sleuthing fun for a group of friends. Get given your back story, get into character and solve all manner of mind-bending riddles and puzzles to complete your mission and escape the room. Whilst most rooms are designed for 2-6 players, multiple rooms can be played at one time for medium-sized groups.
  • Virtual Reality Games and Experiences: Virtual reality is, quite possibly, better than actual reality. Want to join your new mates Buzz and Neil on a trip aboard Apollo 11? How about fighting your way through a zombie apocalypse? The possibilities are endless!
  • X-Golf (from $60pp): Let's face it, trying to get 16 people, through even 9 holes of golf is a bit of a mission. Add in rain, wind, John from accounting who wouldn't know a putter from a 3-wood and the group in before you who won't let you play through and you won't have enough time to also have lunch and something to drink. With x-golf, you can play the worlds best courses, with pro equipment with a beer in hand. Longest drive and closest to the pin competitions can be combined with a quick hit around the back 9 at Pebble Beach.

We are constantly adding more activities and activity providers to our products. If you have an activity you are keen to add to your tour. Please let us know and we can organise this for you.

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