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Pint of Origin

Pint of Origin

We thought about running a tour around Australia to visit every brewery in the land. It turned out to be a logistical nightmare, so instead we are doing the next best thing....

*** Retired Tour ***

Good Beer Week Special from 2013.


  • For more information on the Pint of Origin, please checkout the Good Beer Week website. 
  • 7 venues hosting each hosting a different states beers on tap (plus one event "hub").
    • VIC: Great Britain, Richmond 
    • WA: Royston, Richmond (open from midday).
    • SA: Tramway N Fitzroy 
    • NSW: Rainbow, Fitzroy
    • QLD: Deja Vu, CBD
    • TAS: Gertrude, Fitzroy
    • ACT: Courthouse, N Mel (open from midday).
    • Hub: Terminus, Clifton Hill
  • We will be running an hop on and hop off bus service for 10 hours between 1pm and 11pm, visiting each venue as they open for the day. We will use eight 8 seater vans, possibly more depending on demand. (Each bus will take one hour off on a rotating basis throughout the day.)
  • You can use the buses as many times as you want throughout the day.
  • No need to get off at the next venue, just stay on board until you reach the venue you want.
  • We will be running in the following order, starting at Deja Vu then Great Britain, Royston, Terminus, Tramway, Rainbow, Gertrude, Courthouse, Terminus, Deja Vu...repeat.
  • Track our progress using your smartphone and the Glympse app.
  • Tasting paddles available at most venues.
  • Special state enspired food menu available at each venue. One meal included with your ticket.
  • Games, prizes, give aways during the day.

Games and Prizes

  • Each venue as well as the Aussie Brewery Tours guys and girls will be giving away prizes including:
    • Tshirts and merchandise. 
    • Drink and paddle cards.
    • Take home beer! 

Itinerary and Tickets

Tickets can be purchased using our booking system, or from the Good Beer Week website. Limited numbers of tickets will also be available on the day for purchase at each venue.

We strongly suggest at least one person from your group tracks us throughout the day using the Glympse app. When a bus arrives at each venue the driver will enter the venue and announce their arrival and pending departure (5minutes) loudly to each room at the venue. Seats on that bus are then filled on a first come basis. Another bus will be arriving soon, so take the opportunity to have another beer if the bus fills up! 

For your first journey of the day you will need to provide your name, ID and the name under which your booking was made. We will then give you your wristband and meal ticket.

Our buses will be making ciruclar loops stopping at each venue at intervals of roughly 10-15 minutes between each venue! 

What's Included

  • Unlimited transport on our hop-on, hop-off buses.
  • Meal ticket for your choice of meal off the pint of origin menu at any location (value ~$20).
  • Get involved throughout the day to win prizes!

Glympse App

You can track each of our buses, using your smartphone (Apple, Android, Windows and Blackberry) and the Glympse app. We will also update twitter throughout the day, using the hashtag #POOBUS (tehehe). Below are the instructions for using the Glympse app:

  • Download the app from your devices app store (Apple, Android, Windows, Blackberry).
  • Click on the menu button and choose "view a group". We have created a group for each bus:
  • Repeat as required to view all the ABT buses.


  • Saturday 18th May, 1pm to 11pm.
  • Saturday 25th May - If required by demand. 


  • $65 (pre sale) - includes transport & a food voucher for a main meal at selected venues. (only $5 per venue!)
  • $75 (limited tickets on the day) - includes transport & a food voucher for a main meal at selected venues.

All information on the day can now be found at our blog

Code of Conduct

Aussie Brewery Tours and the venues involved would love for this to be a great day out with you, your mates and the friends you meet and make along the way. Okay sure, everyone (well not us, SAD!) will be drinking, but remember it isn't a race. Pace yourself, have a feed, drink some water and get around to every venues safely and in good spirits! Please note the following:

  • We would prefer if you stayed inside each venue until the bus arrives. If you choose to wait outside, please be respectful of the general public, neighbours and follow the instructions of any venue staff.
  • All the venues will be serving alcohol responsibly.
  • If we believe you are to intoxicated or drunk to get on one of our vehicles, we will ask that you wait for a while. Nobody wants to travel on a bus you have been sick all over!
  • No angry or anti-social behavior will be tolerated.
  • Please keep yourself in the bus at all times. (sounds silly, but for some reason drunk people seem to have a desire to kiss the bitumen).
  • Please follow the directions of venue and Aussie Brewery Tours staff at all times.
  • If you are sick on or damage our bus you are liable for cleaning costs (up to $250) and or repair costs (up to $1600). You will be asked to provide your credit card and license if this occurs.
  • Please see our full T&C's for any other info.

This should be a rocking day, a pub crawl to end all pub crawls, the greatest day out this year. Nobody likes rules, and truthfully everything above can be summed up very easily, "don't be a wanker!". Lets all remember that we are lucky people, cruising around, drinking great beer in one of the greatest cities in the world. Just think of our poor staff who would much rather be where you are!