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Melbourne Urban Night Sessions

Melbourne Urban Night Sessions

Our awesome urban beer odyssey is now available at night...

We loved our Urban Beery Odyssey so much, we decided to create a night time version. We will introduce you to chocolate, vanilla, coffee, toffee and bacon flavoured beer, refreshing summer ales, crisp sessionable lagers, fruit infused barrel aged ales and experimental single batch brews along with artisan spirits at some of Melbourne's best small breweries and distilleries.

Tour Includes:

For $120pp (Thursday and Sunday) and $135pp (Friday), your tour includes:

  • Fantastic Venues: Visit breweries and distilleries around Melbourne's inner suburbs - this is a mini-bus tour, not walking!
  • Dinner: Enjoy a awesome burger dinner (with a couple of sides) - Veg, Chicken, Beef options all available or a shared pizza dinner (depending on the itineary we run for your tour).  We can cater for vegetarian, vegan and most allergies - it is always worth contacting us beforehand if you have something out of the norm we need to cater for.
  • Generous Tastings & Drinks: Enjoy very generous tasting sessions, paddles & complimentary drinks throughout the day including special release and single batch drinks!
  • Small Group Touring: Our public tour customers enjoy small group (minimum 8 to a maximum of 13 people), flexible touring in our customized, air-conditioned mini-buses. These tours are made up of people across all age groups from all over Australia and the world who are treated to a personable, flexible and relaxed experience. Note: We can accommodate up to 50 people on our private tours. To be fair to other passengers, we ask groups of 7+ to book a private tour as to not unfairly unbalance the group.  
  • Get Involved: There is a great mix of beers available, plus we often visit a distillery or similar as well. We designed our tours to be fun and inclusive for everyone, regardless of what, or if, they usually drink. The group tasting sessions are filled with fun stories and entertaining facts and we allow you to choose alternate options throughout the day, e.g. grab a wine with lunch or a gin & tonic whilst we boogie to some tunes later in the day.
  • The Best Guides: Our guides are fun-loving, alcohol guru’s who will take you on a journey through the entertaining history of drinking.

Click here for the dinner menu

The following is an example of the burger menu from this tour.

  • Angus Burger - with Angus beef patty, burger cheese, crisp iceberg lettuce, red onion, tomato, beetroot+onion relish, gurger sauce+chips add bacon.
  • Sweet Potato and Bean Burger (VG) - with sweet potato ‘bacon’, iceberg, red onion, tomato, beetroot+ onion relish, guac cashew aioli+chips.
  • Fried Chicken Burger  – with crispy chicken thigh, Swiss cheese, slaw, pickled shallots, sambal mayo + shoestring fries.
  • House Made Falafels & Flatbreads (VG) - with pickles, roasted cherry tomatoes, lettuce+tahini yoghurt.
  • Nachos (GF and Vegan option) - with beef or lentil chili, guac, sour cream, jalapenos+cheese.

The following is an example of the shared pizza menu for this tour.

  • Raffaele Esposito - Moon Dog's own house made basil infused tomato sauce, fresh basil and mozzarella.
  • Don’t Hide the Salami - House tomato sauce, olives, mozzarella, crispy salami.
  • Leonardo Dicapricciosa - House tomato sauce, mushrooms, olives, artichokes, crispy pancetta, mozzarella.
  • David Hasslehock - House tomato sauce ,braised ham hock, pickled pineapple, rosemary, mozzarella.
  • There Ain’t Mushroom in This Town For… - Field mushrooms, shimeji mushrooms, porcini mushrooms, taleggio cheese, thyme, on a garlic base.
  • Return of the Mack - Truffled Mackerel, red onion, capers, dill, olives, mascarpone.
  • Jamon Sandiego - House tomato sauce, mozzarella, Jamon ham, parmesan, olive oil.
  • Delicious Dessertz - Stewed apple, raspberries, shortbread crumble, cinnamon and vanilla cream on a caramel base.

Plus more & weekly specials. Please note the venues we visit changes their menus regulary, so please use this as an example only.

Days, Times and Pick-up Locations

Runs: Thursday, Friday and Sundays (private tours are available Wednesday through Sunday nights). Pick-up: 6-7pm. Drop-off: ~11:00pm.
Departs from: Federation Square: Russell court (bus pick-up/day tours area corner of Russell & Flinders streets): Google map - Due to peak hour traffic hotel pick-ups are NOT available for this tour.

Detailed Itinerary

Aussie Brewery Tours love flexible touring, free from time constraints and overbearing guides. Forget the winery tour model – come in, have the smallest taste possible, then we will all stare at you awkwardly until you sign up to our wine club, buy a case and get out. Our tours are about generous tastings and soaking up the atmosphere of each different venue with a glass of your favourite. We know when it is time to move on when there are more empty glasses than full glasses.

This relaxed touring, coupled with a wide range of partners, ensures that we have numerous different venues (brewpubs & restaurants, tastings rooms, beer gardens, etc) which have different products and atmospheres which allows us to pick the best of the best for that particular tour. We may mix up our itinerary depending on the season, day of the week, what specialty products are available, traffic and big events, the weather and venue constraints (like when a brewery recently had a spill and had to shut for the day – thankfully they spilled cleaning products and not beer, phew!).

So rather than a detailed, minute by minute itinerary, we will tell you about some of the stops we may visit on each tour.

The Usual Suspects: These are stops that we love and work well with most groups:

  • Temple Brewery - possible dinner stop: Temple Brewery have a wonderful range of core beers, plus dabble in one-off, single batch and collaboration beers with other brewers and even suggestions from their fans. We will include a special Aussie Brewery Tours uber tasting paddle (double their regulation paddle) of their current range. Burger dinner if used as a dinner stop.
  • Moon Dog Brewery - possible dinner stop: This is where the tour starts to get wild as we sample the amazing, weird and wacky creations that Moondog Brewery is famous for (bloody Mary beers, champagne beers, the ice-cream series, etc). The tasting here is so much fun. Shared pizza dinner when used as a dinner stop.
  • Stomping Ground Brewery: This amazing brewery venue is by the same lads that brought you the Local Taphouse bars in St Kilda and Darlinghurst Sydney, as well the Great Australasian Beer Spectapular aka the biggest beer festival in the Southern Hemisphere. A state of the art brewhouse is coupled with an amazing venue, kitchen serving up delicious food and an ever-expanding tap list.
  • Burnley Brewery - Run by an awesome crew focusing on hospitality along with their awesome beer, this is what an inner-city brewpub should be like. 
  • Brogans Way Distillery: A fantastic hidden little gin stop with a focus on innovative products, fresh ingredients and attention to detail. We love visiting these guys for tasting paddles, master classes and also for a cocktail or two.

 Friends we visit occasionally:

  • The Crafty (James) Squire: Enjoy a very generous tasting paddle from their beer & cider line-up (includes all seasonal/speciality beers) at this inner-city brewpub.
  • Two Birds Brewery: Started by Danielle and Jayne (the two birds) this brewery has a fantastic range of sessionable beers and interesting single batch creations to try.
  • Mountain Goat Brewery: We will drop in for a tasting or beers at Melbournes most famous (and yet still hidden away) craft brewery.
  • Colonial Brewery: Originally from Western Australia, Colonial Brewery moved into the old CUB owned Matilda Bay brewery in Port Melbourne. Complete with a kitchen, amazing brewhouse, a fantastic tap range of beers and some of the best tins in the country, we have had a soft spot for this brewery for years. 
  • The Mill Brewery: One of our favourite things is a locals brewery. A brewery that makes you think, "I wish I lived here" or even better, "this is now where I live". That is The Mill. It is the place you would ACTUALLY rather be before some behemoth brewery trademarked that idea and corrupted it! 
  • Other: We are always expanding our brewery venue's as we find new friends to go and visit! 

Private Tours and Gift Cards

Our public tours are for groups of between 8 (minimum number to run the tour) and 13 people (maximum group size) for the simple reasons that it makes for a better tour when you meet some new people from around Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and the whole big wide world then head off on a little adventure together! We request that groups of 7+ to book into a private tour to ensure that you don't unbalance our public groups.

If you wish to buy gift cards for our tours you can, here

If you wish to have a private tour for your next bucks or hens, corporate event, or just because you and your mates are awesome and like having fun, you can check these out in our private tours page.

Fees Tees and Cees, Legal Stuff and Codes of Conduct

Aussie Brewery Tours will always act in a professional manner and be fair, open and transparent with all of our business dealings. We have the correct insurances and licences to operate. On tour, we want you to drink as much as you want, sing, laugh, dance and be merry, but please please please don't be a d!ckhead!

If you want more information on fees, taxes, bank charges, legal conditions, cancellation policies, how much our lawyer charges us, insurances, licences, charity donations and how not to be a d!ckhead click below...

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